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Desire is a one of our first instincts. In infancy it is grounded in the physical realm and is the primal force for our need for food and touch. As we mature and are socialized the sphere of our desire widens outside of ourselves. The objects in the form of people and things become incorporated into our ego system. Desire of objects is the bridge from our inner and outer selves and forms the fundamental bond to the world and the foundation of our emotional relationships.

Like the poet Neruda, I have a fascination and reverence for objects. The sublime shape of an egg, the petaled perfection of a field flower, or the idealized feminine form of the Barbie doll all receive attention.

These images are made from familiar object s and are an attempt to look beneath the surface of things and explore the complex social, cultural and emotional symbolism imbued within the objects we desire.

My method have shifted to a direct, tactual approach which uses the Photogram as a practice where I welcome unexpected and unpredictable results. The pictures are constructed in the darkroom, where no light is allowed to touch the medium before exposure. Objects are arranged in total darkness and I must rely on imagination, intuition and touch. Form followed the interaction of the materials, chemistry and light and are integral partners in the process.

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